10%-25% Off College

Several non-profit organizations offer college credit by exam, allowing you to test out of a significant number of college courses at most universities, reducing the cost of college by up to 50%.


Most colleges require you to take two years of general education classes, such as US History, Economics, Biology, Spanish, and Calculus.  Many students can use the knowledge they acquired in high school, along with an intense study of a college level textbook, to test out of the college course.


Testing out of five classes during each summer prior to your freshman and sophomore years of college will allow you to graduate in three years and save 25% off the cost of college.  An example of how to save 50% off the cost of college would be to delay college by six months and test out of twenty courses, depending on your university’s test out exam policy.


Graduating from college in 3 years looks great on your resume.  The self-motivation, dedication, and intelligence demonstrated by taking the initiative to graduate early and save money will set you apart from other graduates.


Call your college admissions office to confirm their credit by exam acceptance policy.


Below is a link to the most widely accepted credit by exam program, accepted by approximately 4000 colleges:



Below is a link to a less expensive, but less accepted credit by exam program:



Below is a link to another credit by exam program:



Things you need to know:

  • #1- call your college admissions office to confirm their credit by exam acceptance policy.
  • Most test out exams cost approximately $120 per course.  The cost to test out of one year of college (ten courses) is approximately $1200.  Saylor.org is only $40 per course.
  • The average annual cost to attend an in-state public university is $22,000 (tuition, fees, and room & board).
    • Test out of one semester of college, save $11,000.
    • Test out of one year of college, save $22,000.
    • Test out of three semesters of college, save $33,000.
    • Test out of two years of college, save $44,000.
  • Almost all universities accept a significant number of non-traditional credits such as exam for credit.  Below are a few examples for Maryland universities:
    • Bowie State University: 30 credit limit
    • Coppin State University: 30 credit limit
    • Frostburg State University: no limit for approved tests
    • Morgan State University: no limit for approved tests
    • Salisbury University: 60(24) credit limit
    • St. Mary’s College of Maryland: 90 credit limit
    • Towson University: 45 credit limit
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore County: 60 credit limit
    • University of Maryland, College Park: 60(30) credit limit
    • University of Maryland University College: 90 credit limit
  • Educate4Free.com offers Free College Textbooks on this website to help you study for the test out exams.


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